Sudharshan Sundaramahalingam

Sudharshan Sundaramahalingam

18 | CEO at Beep

I'm passionate about creating a better world through technology, and bringing the benefits of robotics to people, communities and businesses.

I'm just about to graduate from NUS High School in Singapore, and I've learnt many things while schooling there. I spent my time tinkering and working on side projects involving electronics, app design, computer science and robotics along with some awesome friends.

My dream is to start successful tech startups that bring innovative ideas involving robotics and AI to the table. I want to see a world where humanity and robots are able to co-exist and co-operate for the betterment of society.

Jun 2018 - now
Co-founder and CEO of Beep
Currently working on getting this startup off the ground
Jul 2017 - Jan 2018
Freelancer at UpWork
I worked to freelance design PCBs in KiCad and do firmware programming
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017
Embedded Systems Engineer (Intern)
I worked to design automated testing for some of their embedded system boards
PCB design ● Embedded Systems ● Linux ● Robotics ● Digital Electronics ● Web development ● CAD design ● Cybersecurity ● Business Management ● Graphics Design

KiCAD ● Fusion 360 ● FreeCAD ● Sublime Text 3 ● STM32 ● AVR ● Prusa i3 MK2S ● vim ● Inkscape ● Robot Operating System ● icetools ● gnuarm ● Macbook Pro

C ● C++ ● Python ● HTML5 ● CSS3 ● Javascript ● ES6 ● Verilog ● VHDL ● English ● Tamil

...oh, and in my spare time I fly RC drones, rewatch Marvel movies and go to school.